Message Development

The ultimate aim of all communications is for the client to be able to deliver a memorable message – something the reader, listener or viewer will relate to, will find credible, and will wish to discuss with their friends, family and colleagues.


It follows that the polished delivery or presentation of the message can’t be achieved without first establishing coherent, credible content.


Messages can be developed from scratch alongside your own staff, to formulate a narrative that sums up the spirit of the organisation, as well as its aims and ambitions, its strengths and its unique offer. The sessions consider what the overall message should be, what the communication challenges are now and in the future, ‘lines to take’ both pro-actively and in rebutting challenge, and an expression of where the business or organisation is heading in the future.

Where messaging already exists, sessions are held to test and refine the content to ensure it will stand up to scrutiny from specialist and general, local, national and international media and dovetail with the organisation’s own agenda. These sessions are particularly valuable at times of crisis before facing a potentially hostile press.