World Economic Forum

Whether it’s high level counsel, intellectual analysis, honest and direct advice, or communications training from someone who can win the confidence and respect of industry leaders or policy experts, Rob is an invaluable asset to those of us fortunate enough to work with him.

Adrian Monck – Managing Director, World Economic Forum



Rob’s understanding of the media and its interaction with business is second to none. He has become a trusted communications advisor to us, beyond media training, who will always provide candid observations and realistic solutions. He tailors his media training well to those taking part and all leave with skills they can apply far more broadly that just media interviews.

Sally McCombie – Senior Director of Corporate Affairs, PepsiCo



Rob Butler provides an outstanding range of services which are hugely beneficial to the management of Camelot’s external reputation. As well as developing an impressive track record across the business as a first-rate media trainer, he continues to play an invaluable role in aiding the corporate affairs team with core message development and expert crisis management advice. Rob’s insight and understanding of the media, and broadcast news in particular, as well as corporate and brand reputation management, enable him to provide a fully-rounded view and sound advice in any situation.

Miranda Pugh – Head of Media Relations, Camelot



Rob is the ideal media trainer: not so charming that you feel you learn nothing, not so tough that you feel discouraged. Content and delivery – unlike many media trainers he is expert at both. He has the intelligence to advise on the probity of a response but the judgement to help you understand how its presentation can affect the final message. And all backed up with the confidence that you know he is talking from real-life, real-journalistic, real-newsroom experience. As a newsroom veteran myself I know what he offers is a notch above most media trainers I have employed.

Mark Adams – Director of Communications, IOC



Rob Butler delivers one of the highest quality and the most consistent professional service of anyone I’ve worked with during more than 20 years in the communications business. I first commissioned him when I was working for national lottery operator, Camelot, and asked him to move with me to ITV plc and then to Pagefield Communications, which I founded in 2010. I’ve never had any hesitation in recommending Rob Butler to individuals, companies and governments that would benefit from his unique combination of insights and talent.

Mark Gallagher – Founder and Senior Partner, Pagefield


Telegraph Media Group

I have worked with Rob on a number of occasions over the years. He has always proved to be a tower of strength, not just in terms of training for the television but also helping sift through swathes of complex material, digesting and refining it, and making it capable of presentation in an intelligible and succinct manner. He has a tremendous ability to take even the most intricate issues and boil them down to the essential basics, which is of real assistance to those who have become too close to an issue and cannot see the wood for the trees. His understanding of the political background, and an instinctive feel for public opinion, brings real added value, as does his willingness to tell you when you’ve got it wrong – something advisers are not always good at.

Lord Black – Executive Director, Telegraph Media Group


Musgrave Retail Partners GB

Rob is not just a ‘critical friend’ to the business – his wise counsel, teamwork and camaraderie is valued beyond the fee. Whatever the challenge, he demonstrates a real understanding of the issues and when the going gets tough Rob can be found ‘in the thick of it’ delivering honest feedback and judicious advice with a sense of humour.

Jennie Eaves – Head of Communications, Musgrave Retail Partners GB


BBC World Service Trust

Rob is adept at mentoring and advising senior management teams and editors, building respect and delivering great results with his superb diplomatic skills, discretion and empathy. Equally he is a brilliant trainer, highly regarded by everyone he engages with.

Juliette Harkin – Middle East Dialogue Programme, BBC World Service Trust